Aluli Residence, Kailua

In 2013, the Aluli sisters moved their Mom to a lovely condo where she could age in place. They hired us to create a garden for her on the sunny, spacious, east-facing lanai. Safety and ease of use were top considerations for our design of the space.

It took a village!

We did maintenance on Mrs. Aluli’s garden for 6 years, every month, rain or shine. As Mrs. Aluli gradually changed from active participant to quiet observer, her ohana stepped up to help. Daughter Alai showed up for every maintenance with a great attitude, ready to harvest & wash produce, prune the hedge, scrub the floor, whatever needed doing. Grandson Kimo came up 3 times a week like clockwork to water and check on things. Along with the garden, Mrs. Aluli got to enjoy all that visiting!

Aloha a hui hou

Geraldine Rose Aluli passed away on June 6, 2019, just shy of her 94th birthday. What a joy and an honor to have known this great lady! We treasure our years with the Aluli ohana, hands in the soil, growing food, 13 floors above Kailua town.

Growing Memories

By Nancy Arcayna
On a lanai in Kailua, vegetables and relationships flourish
Gerry Aluli smiled broadly as her two daughters helped her harvest the vegetables on the 10-by-40 foot lanai of her Kailua apartment …