Engle Residence, Wailupe

She is a wildly inventive composer of recipes. She writes food blogs & dreams in flavors. Jenny Engle L O V E S to cook, even more so when her ingredients are fresh & local. When we met Jenny, she shopped at farmer’s markets and had a CSA subscription. But she didn’t have a garden. So, with her two little helpers, we set out to fix that problem.

See? Now we have a garden!

From client to intern to Foodscapes superstar

The act of growing food was deeply meaningful to Jenny as a foodie and a mom. She learned fast, but wanted to learn faster. The day she asked to join our team was one of the best days in Foodscapes history! Her energy and professionalism helped take our young business to the next level – as did the fact that she seems to know everyone on this island! With Jenny on board, the hard work of building gardens and promoting Foodscapes was more fun, and many opportunities came our way. We were even featured in a 2012 film about Hawaii’s farm-to-table movement.

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From INGREDIENTS HAWAII, directed by Robert Bates, a film that inspires you to live Hawaii and love Hawaii through food

To every thing there is a season

A new mortgage and tuition payments spelled the end of Jenny’s days working for our scrappy, underfunded start-up. Jenny moved on to become the Director of Education for Manoa Heritage Center. She still loves to cook, and still stays up late entering recipe contests. And now, a new base of knowledge brings her experience full circle: She knows how to grow food.
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