Growney Residence, Diamond Head

If there were ever someone destined for gardening greatness, it’s someone whose name starts with G-R-O-W. When we met Priscilla, she already had a garden, fruit trees, chickens and a huge worm bin. She asked us to expand her garden so she could grow less lawn and more food.

Master Gardener & Patron of Our Art

Priscilla is a serious, accomplished gardener, commited to growing food. And she’s super creative. During our 3+ years doing monthly maintenance on her garden, she was always up for trying something new. Sure there were flops (endive anyone?), but mostly there was beauty and food to share – with Aloha Harvest, KCC Culinary School, and others, including lucky foodscapers!

There comes a time to downsize.

The Growneys sold their beautiful Diamond Head home in 2016. Priscilla kept gardening, though, on a smaller scale she could manage without us. We’re so grateful for all the ways Priscilla has championed our business over the years. She’ll always have a seat of honor in the Foodscapes Firmament of Angels & Friends.