Ryan Residence, Kakaako

Just like the proactive, can-do business people they are, Monica and Russell wanted to start an edible garden on their urban rooftop lanai, so they did it. They bought the planters & soil, lugged everything up 4 flights of stairs, set it all up and planted their 1st crop. Then they called us to teach them how to take care of their garden.
June 2018

Urban farming up on the roof

How can we practice food sustainability in the midst of our busy professional lives? Monica and I discussed this and many more of “life’s persistent questions” during our monthly maintenance sessions 2018-2019. (You get two public radio fans gardening together and the conversations can get pretty baroque!) Another question: Is gardening work or fun? Answer: The first hour is fun. After that it’s work. But knowing how to grow our own food is worth the effort!

Nani ke kalo

Beautiful the kalo. Monica taught me this phrase. I’ll never forget it. It reminds us to leave our mental opala behind when we enter the place where we’re growing our food – kalo or otherwise. Clear your mind of whatever is pissing you off at the moment and come into the garden with a humble, grateful heart. Beautiful the kalo. Nani ke kalo. Best gardening advice ever!