How we work

We take the time to understand your unique site and how you want to garden.

You’ve read the books and watched the videos. But how do you apply all that general gardening know-how to YOUR place in the sun? With help from Foodscapes Hawaii! Our process takes you from zero to a fully planted organic kitchen garden that works for your space and your life. Once you’re up and growing, we can teach you how to keep your garden healthy and productive through the seasons.


Initial Site Visit

Every Foodscapes project starts with an in-depth site visit. We’ll evaluate the food-growing potential of your unique space and determine how to make food gardening work with your lifestyle, your tastes and your budget. The cost Is $285 for a 2-3 hour consultation, followed by a detailed estimate of the proposed scope of work.



For larger gardens, we typically create a space plan, a first season planting plan and an irrigation plan. For smaller
gardens, these three separate plans are combined into one.
If your job calls for any items to be custom-built, we’ll provide concept drawings and specs to the builder and we’ll supervise the construction.



We can build your new garden from scratch. Or rehab or enlarge your existing garden. We encourage you to participate in the process to learn how we do it. (Hint: planting the garden is the fun part!)



Your garden needs love and care to thrive. Need help? We offer maintenance monthly, or at any interval that works for you. But here’s the thing: We want to teach you how to care for your garden, so we ask you to work with us for part of each maintenance visit.

Our goal is to give you the tools and confidence to garden successfully on your own. We want YOU to have the power to grow fresh, nutritious, additive-free food for your family, right at home with your own hands.