Pandemic Produce

by Steven Mark
Food insecurity concerns give rise to edible gardens

When COVID-19 hit last year, Lauri Madanay, a retired nurse, decided to focus her skills on the pandemic and contracted with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention… More

How Does Your Garden Grow?

with host Catherine Cruz

You may have joined many across the state who have started growing your own vegetables or fruits. Whether you are an
apartment dweller or live in a home……More

Edible Landscapes are Un-Lawning America

by Stephanie Parker

These 12 businesses turn sterile lawns into food forests.

Lawns are ubiquitous in the United States and according to a 2015 NASA study, they take up three times as much space as the next largest irrigated crop, corn. … More

Garden Fresh

by Nancy Arcayna
Palolo resident enjoys creativity, challenges of gardening

She spent much of her 25-year career as a graphic designer confined within the four walls of an office while staring at a computer screen…. More

Growing Memories

by Nancy Arcayna

On a Kailua lanai, vegetables & relationships flourish
Gerry Aluli smiled broadly as her two daughters helped her harvest the vegetables on the 10-by-40-foot lanai of her Kailua apartment, where kale, chard, turnips, chilies… More

Fresh Surprises

by Nancy Arcayna
After a lot of hard work, Meg Lin still calls herself an “accidental gardener”

Meg Lin is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She’s built raised bed garden plots at her Manoa home, built a three-step composting system, built a rain catchment system… More

Foodscapes HI incorporates PCHS compost into gardens of success

It all started with an article posted on in late June that featured Pearl City High School’s Compost Sale from the school’s 100% Waste Recovery Program… More

Grow a Gardener

by Tom Kunz
Foodscapes helps homeowners dig into edible gardens

The only thing that grew in Nicole Kobayashi’s garden with any regularity was frustration. “It was always more of an attempted garden”, says Kobayashi… More

Growing Gardeners

by Stacy Yuen Hernandez

When Taiji Terasaki needs fresh herbs for a pot of stew or the ingredients for a fresh salad, he’ll send his 7-year old son, Kenta, and 4-year old daughter, Miya, out to the family’s kitchen garden….. More

Big Pots, Small Plots

by Wanda Adams

Food security, waste reduction and healthy fresh eating start at home and all in one place: your garden. Even if your yard is only as wide as a windowsill or as deep as a… More

Ingredients Hawaii

a fillm by Robert Bates

The documentary film Ingredients Hawaii explores our nascent local food movement, including Foodscapes Hawaii’s quest to grow gardeners.
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Local Ventures:

with Pacific
Innovative, Extraordinary Entrepreneurs

KGMB’s Kim Gennaula goes behind the scenes with some of Hawaii’s most innovative and successful businesses. This week’s segment focuses on highly creative companies using limited resources as a catalyst for change….Watch Video