Lin Residence, Manoa

For as long as I’ve known Meg, I’ve been in awe of her urban farming skills. She taught me how to milk a goat! Need I say more? But as it happens to everyone including me, she started having garden problems she couldn’t solve. She called us to troubleshoot and reboot her existing garden, and maybe even enlarge it.
Summer 2014: Two beds, new soil, less lawn, more food!

Up and doing

Adding the 8×8 raised bed expanded Meg’s range of growing conditions and gave her a new way to think about soil. It was all the course correction she needed. Meg didn’t need us anymore. Eight years on, she’s tending her garden with the same DIY flair that she brings to all her projects: raising her chickens, keeping her bees, composting her food waste, recycling rain water, fixing broken things and building the occasional rock wall. If Hawaii is going to realize its dream of a self sufficient future, we all need to be more like Meg – willing to roll up our sleeves, pull on our work boots, fire up the power tools, and get the job done!

Fresh Surprises

By Nancy Arcayna

After a lot of hard work, Meg Lin still
calls herself an “accidental gardener”
Meg Lin is not afraid to get her hands
dirty. She’s built raised bed garden
plots at her Manoa home …